Because of the EU Decision of December 2022, a large number of Hungarian universities are currently excluded from all EU grant programs including the EU flagship programs Erasmus and Horizon. This situation directly affects thousands of students, professors and researchers in Hungary who are now deprived of crucial opportunities. 

What are the reasons behind this decision? Why does it set a dangerous and unfair precedent? What does it imply for students, teachers, and researchers? What are the alternatives for partnerships, including new funding opportunities for European and third country universities? These are important and far-too-often unanswered questions which must be discussed. 

To better understand this unfortunate situation, its consequences, and possibilities, MCC is hosting an event where experts and representatives of Hungarian universities will discuss and debate this important topic. 


Venue: MCC Budapest, Scruton Café

Our event will be in English. 

The event is free, but registration is required:

Date: 04.06. 2024 09:00-13:00


The detailed program of the conference is available here: PROGRAM