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According to the EU decision of December 2022, EU bodies can no longer conclude contracts with Hungarian academic entities legally operating as public trusts and the latter are therefore excluded from all EU grant programs and cut off from financing opportunities. This would exclude around 180.000 students from the Erasmus program. In the light of the measures, Rodrigo Ballester, Head of the Center of European Studies visited several regional centres from February onwards to explain to the public, in an event open to all, the meaning of the nem conditions attached to the EU funding. The moderator of each event was an MCC student, who asked questions to find out when the funds will be avaible for the Hungarian universities.

In addition, the event was also held in Brussels, organised jointly with the MCC headquaters in Brussels.


Venues of the event:

- MCC Budapest, 22.02.2023

- MCC Szeged, 12.04.2023

- MCC Győr, 17.04.2023

- MCC Pécs, 03.05.2023

- MCC Debrecen, 15.05.2023

- MCC Miskolc, 25.05.2023

- MCC Brussels, 30.05.2023