Yann Caspar is a Franco-Hungarian lawyer, journalist, translator, and author. He holds a Master's degree in European Union law as well as a degree in law and economics from the University of Nancy, France.

He specialises in political, legal, and economic issues in the Central European countries, particularly Hungary, and he has lived in Budapest since 2013. Yann Caspar contributes to several French media outlets and serves as a consultant for foreign journalists interested in the Central European region. He is also a regular contributor to the Hungarian media in relation to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as well as other international news topics.

Yann Caspar has been a researcher at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Centre for European Studies since June 2023. His areas of research include the rule of law, relations between the EU institutions and the Member States, the freedom of the press and the media, and political relations at the European level.

Yann Caspar is fluent in French and Hungarian, and has professional working proficiency in English and German. He is the author and translator of several books.